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Our wonderful first lady needs our help to support her outstanding charity!  Click here for more details.
Our wonderful first lady Karen Bertrand needs our help in supporting her charity, The Ronald McDonald House in Providence.
Ronald McDonald House, Providence
I am very passionate about the Ronald McDonald House in Providence, RI and thought District 7950 could collaborate with them.
I had first-hand experience with the Ronald McDonald House Family Room at Hasbro Children’s Hospital. My granddaughter had surgery when she was ten days old. Our family spent plenty of time in the family room.  The family room was equipped with comfortable chairs, computer with internet access, snacks, and fresh coffee.
In April 2016 I was invited for a tour of the Ronald McDonald House. I heard a lot of stories but the one that touch my heart the most was about a family from California. The mother said her 9-year old child was unable to receive the proper treatment in California and was referred to Hasbro Children’s Hospital on the east coast in Rhode Island! They did not have family here or the means to stay in a hotel for (6) months.  This family was introduced to the Ronald McDonald House. The mother and occasional family members stayed at the Ronald McDonald House for six months. She was comfortable, safe and felt like home. The child also got better and was scheduled to go back home in a week.
There were all phases of construction going on. They now have (28) bedrooms each with a private bath, fully stocked kitchen, laundry, courtyard with playground, and day room.  All rooms are beautifully furnished with donated furniture and televisions.  A hot dinner is prepared every evening by volunteers. The majority of the food is donated. Food expense for the Ronald McDonald House is only $3,000 per year! Food from the pantry is also available anytime of the day.
Guests are asked to pay $10 per day; however no family will be turned away if they do not have the ability to pay.  The Ronald McDonald House is a Non-Profit organization that relies on donations and fundraising. The organization must raise over $1,000,000 each year. McDonald’s related sources contribute 10-15% of this funding.
There are several fundraising opportunities available. The fundraising activities I would like our district to participate is are as follows:
  Donation Box – I will provide a cardboard house for each club to deposit cash.
 Wish List – I will also leave a wish list. This wish list will also be available on the District 7950 website.
Both the donation box and any items from the wish list can be brought to the House of Friendship at the Multi District Conference in April 2017. You may also contact me to arrange for a pick up. I am hoping for a pyramid of houses and a truckload of items from the Wish List!
Any questions on this charity you may contact me at or check out the website at
Thank you for your anticipated support of this project.
Karen M. Bertrand