Welcome to the Opioid Treatment and Prevention Website
Our Mission
Rotary District 7950 is stepping up to be an invested leader in supporting our clubs within the district in raising awareness and creating community educational opportunities on Substance Use Disorder (SUD) in and around our respective communities.
We have a three-pronged action plan (ACE) to support this initiative:
Awareness: Raising awareness on substance use disorder (SUD) by gathering and disseminating evidence-based facts about SUD, both to educate Rotarians in our clubs, and to educate our communities.

Collaboration and Coalition Building: Collaborate with community coalitions and Rotarians who are already working to raise awareness in the community on substance use disorder (SUD) to create community-based initiatives with the goals of offering education and providing resources.
Education: Creating educational opportunities for our district clubs on substance use disorder (SUD) and its impact on our communities with the goal to have our Rotarians serve as ambassadors tasked with promoting accurate and up-to-date information to our communities.
By implementing these goals, (ACE), Rotarians around our District can come together with a common purpose in helping to combat the opioid epidemic as well as other substance use disorders. Together, we can take action to collaborate and harness resources in order to share stories of resilience, disseminate information and fight against the stigmatization associated with SUD.
Please join District 7950 in spearheading this initiative and perhaps helping those who are suffering from this disorder to find a path to recovery.
A message from our chairperson
My name is Mary Graham-Louise and I am the District Chairperson for the Opioid and Substance Use Disorder Group for District 7950. My home base club is the Foxboro Rotary Club and I’m looking for others, like myself, who would like to have Rotary step up and tackle the subject of Substance Use Disorder (SUD) in our District and our communities. We have seen alarming statistics around the opioid epidemic and losing many individuals, too soon, to early deaths. This new action group will be a central point to go to for advertising your area events and forums around SUD as well as a place to find resources for those clubs who are looking to do something to help make a difference in this epidemic. For interested individuals and clubs, please feel free to reach out to me atmarylapeche@gmail.com or text/call me on my cell at 508.212.6208. Together, we can make a difference!