Rotary Leadership Institute

Build stronger clubs through Rotary education

What is Rotary Leadership Institute?
  • A leadership and development program to strengthen Rotary clubs through education, collaboration and the exchange of ideas among its future leaders.
  • A three-part curriculum facilitated by experienced, trained faculty members engaging participants through open discussion, problem solving and creative role-play.
  • Rotary International recommends Rotary Leadership Institute for new and seasoned members.  RLI and RI are collaborating to write the “History of Rotary”.  Over 360 districts throughout the world now offer RLI to their members.
How does it work?
  • 3 classes, Parts I, II, III, on 3 separate days, 6-7 hours each, divided into 50 minute segments.
  • Discussion and participation.  Not a lecture!
  • Cost varies by location, includes a light breakfast, lunch and beverage breaks. Usually between $75 - $90.
  • Many clubs reimburse participant registration fee.
Who should attend?
  • Future club leaders
  • New members
  • Active Rotarians
When will courses be held in our area?
  • Wakefield, MA, October 5th, 2019
How do I register?
  • Go to  On the left side dialogue box under “Events”
  • Scroll down to the location you want to attend.  Click and follow instructions.
Graduate Course 2019-2020: TBD
  • The graduate course is open to all who have completed Parts I, II and III.
  • The topic changes yearly.  Rotarians may take the Graduate course more than once.