March, 2021
March is Water and Sanitation Month
In the Rotary world, March is Water and Sanitation month. Clean water is a privilege that Americans take for granted – until there are water problems, such are currently happening in Jackson, Mississippi, or, infamously, in Flint, Michigan a few years ago. But, people all over the world are burdened with a lack of disease-free, clean water, as an ordinary fact of their daily lives.
Rotary recognized the fact that access to safe and clean drinking water is one of the most important requirements in promoting health, hygiene and sanitation, and also reducing poverty. After all, if the pursuit of potable water takes up a significant portion of your day, that doesn’t leave much time for other pursuits.
Our district currently has a tremendous WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) project about to begin in Cambodia. The project will focus on primary school children - training, promoting and reinforcing basic safe hygiene practices, as well as providing double latrines, a well and Bio-sand filters for seven different primary schools. Four district clubs joined with a club in Cambodia to bring about this project. Congratulations to Wakefield, East Greenwich, Nantucket and Middletown, as well as District Foundation volunteers, for banding together on this project and seeing it through! It was quite a challenge!! But so worth it.
March is Women’s History Month – in the wider world
Just as last month was Black History Month, set aside to recognize the contributions of Black people to history and contemporary society, March is set aside to recognize Women’s contributions. As I traveled around the District (virtually), I often heard that when Rotary International opened its membership to women, the clubs became more vibrant and (surprise!) were able to do more to help the community. Not all clubs raced to accept the new way. But the success of those who did quickly became known and spurred an active recruitment drive. Our district is stronger and better for it.
The moral of this story is that our Rotary clubs must be openly, unabashedly enthusiastic about welcoming all manner of diversity. All manner of diversity. All are welcome. It’s who we are. And, most importantly, it is our future.
Rotary Pins and Name Badges
The importance of your Rotary pin. Do you wear your Rotary pin as you go about your day? Wearing your pin often generates discussion of our organization. People want to know what it is. Simple answer: ‘Rotary is a worldwide organization of people who help people – each other and other people – in their communities and all around the world.’ The conversation continues from there.
The importance of your name badge. Do you know that when you wear your name badge you instantly provide a topic of conversation for any Rotarian you meet? Right away someone can say “Tell me about what you do. What is the best aspect of (whatever)?” Kudos to Paul Harris and his friends. They understood that everyone likes to talk about their work. And providing that information right up front, gives you something to talk about. Our vocation, like it or not, presents our value to our community and society, at large.
I’d like to spend a moment on another Rotary badge. It is a badge of honor. For a number of years, each district club president has received a name badge with, in addition to his or her name, their title and the Rotary theme of that year. Our 2020/2021 presidents have finally received their unique name badges. Wear it with pride. Not just for a little while, but as long as it takes to replace it with another of equal stature. When you are a Rotary Club president, you are, in fact, a leader of leaders. So, no matter when you were president, find that badge and wear it with the utmost pride.
And, if you fulfil another role in service to your club, wear that badge with pride. Wear your Rotary pin, out in the world and your Rotary badge in the Rotary world. Rotarians are community leaders – don’t be afraid to show it!
District conference Registration is Open!
And it’s easy to do! (I just registered!). Go to rotary7950.0rg. Click on the conference, choose the sessions that interest you most from the numerous opportunities, sign up for an ad should you like – and pay a teeny, tiny registration fee. That’s all there is to it! I hope to see all of you there – April 29, 30 and May 1.
Awards Night, Business Meeting and Memorial Service
This very important district neeting will be held on Tuesday, May 4, 2021, at 6:30 p.m. This is usually a part of an in-person District Conference, however the virtual format lends itself more readily to a separate meeting. You will hear more about that, including a flyer and a zoom link. I hope to see you there, also!
Reflections on PETS - Past and Present
As I write this, the class of 2021/2022 are hard at work attending NEPETS (Northeast Presidents Elect Training Seminar). 
Assistant Governors and Presidents-Elect are preparing to continue to lead during unprecedented times. With widespread vaccine distribution, we are hopeful that they will be our leaders as we embark on our journey to ‘normalcy.’ They will be very well positioned to move us forward.  
Thinking back to last year, the NEPETS class of 2020/2021 was actually the last Presidents-elect group - in the world, we later learned - to enjoy an in-person PETS. Of course, we did not know (perhaps mercifully?) what awaited us. How this class of leaders embraced the challenge! We are all stronger because of the challenges that we have overcome. With the leadership of the incoming District Governor, and the incredible curriculum of NEPETS, this new group of leaders is definitely capable of ‘rising to the challenge!’  Very Best wishes to the District 7950 Leadership Class of 2021/2022!! 
Well – that’s all the news to use! I hope to see you very soon!!
Yours in Rotary Service,

District Governor
Charlene J. Jarest

District Governor Elect
Billy Roberts

District Governor Nominee
David P. Sampson

Immediate Past District Governor
Steve Albright, IPDG

D.G.’s Administrators
Roger A. Cabral, PAG
Harvey Trieff, PP

District Secretary
Harvey Trieff, PP

District Treasurer
Roger A. Cabral, PAG

Assistant Treasurer
Juan Barrera, PP

District Trainer
Steve Albright, IPDG
District Foundation Chair
Kris Musco David, PDG

District Grant Steward
Stephen Certa, PDG

District Grants Chair
Jean Sullivan, PAG

District Membership &
New Club Formation Chair

Missy Garlisi, PP

District Public Image Chair
Art Norwalk, PP

District Budget & Finance Chair
Steve Albright, IPDG

District Nominating Chair
Charlene Jarest, DG

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Billy Roberts, Chair

Council on Legislation Chair
Policies & Guidelines Chair
Russell Bertrand, PDG

Technology & Website Chair
Chuck Sauer, AG

Virtual Meeting Gurus
Justimiano Alves

Patrick Wendell

Michael White

AG Coordinator

Lori DiPersio

Area 1 – Brad Boyd
Harwich/Dennis, Chatham,
Nantucket, Nauset, Yarmouth

Area 2 – Robert Mascali
Falmouth, Barnstable Sunrise,
Bourne Sandwich, Hyannis, Martha’s
Vineyard, Osterville

Area 3 – Joanne Tully
Weymouth, Quincy, Braintree,
Holbrook, Randolph/Avon, Milton

Area 4 – Joel Kopke
Plymouth Sunrise, Plymouth, Duxbury,
Middleboro, Tri-Town

Area 5 – Steve Savrann
North Attleborough, Attleboro, Sharon,
Foxboro, Mansfield, Norwood

Area 6 – Mark Ferreira
Bridgewaters, Brockton, Abington,
Canton, Rockland Hanson, Stoughton

Area 7 – Paula Raposa
Fall River New Bedford, Dartmouth,
Fairhaven, Taunton

Area 8 – Lori DiPersio
East Providence, Middletown,
Newport, Bristol, Portsmouth,
Warren Barrington

Area 9 – Shameem Awan
Metro Providence, Scituate RI,
Cumberland/Lincoln, North
Providence, Smithfield, Woonsocket

Area 10 – Sharon Johnson
Providence, Cranston, Pawtuxet Valley, Warwick, Pawtucket

Area 11 – Chuck Sauer
Wakefield, Chariho, Westerly,
North Kingstown, Jamestown,
East Greenwich

Area 12 – Sue Heller
Cohasset, Scituate MA, Hingham,
Russell Hampton
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