April, 2019
Well we made it through one of the wettest months on record!! Despite the weather many clubs held successful fundraisers and events.
Public Image & Awareness
I am delighted to see so many clubs using social media to promote their events and then post the successful results. Many clubs have asked for assistance in promoting their events and the District PR Committee has picked up the gauntlet! They are working hard to find creative ways to get our word out without breaking the bank.
A test of Facebook advertising to build local awareness of Rotary and recruit potential new members has just been completed, generating 16,800 impressions and 195 clicks to a list of D7950 club contacts for only $250.
Human Trafficking Summit
I must commend the Foxboro Rotary Club on their successful Human Trafficking Summit at the Marilyn Rodman Performing Arts Center in Foxboro on April 25th. More than 200 people attended this free forum to hear discussions about awareness about education, prevention and the impact on the community.
District Conference
As we held our formal business meeting at the District Conference, it was my honor and pleasure to lead the affirmation of district governors for the next three years: Steve Albright from Yarmouth for 19-20, Charlene Jarest from Fall River for 20-21, and Billy Roberts from Barnstable Sunrise for 21-22. I know them all to be capable and dedicated to helping build the success of all our clubs.
DGE Steve introduced the Rotary International theme for his upcoming year: Rotary Connects the World.
In a change from past practice, district awards were not given out at the conference. If your club applied for any awards, Debbie and I will present them in person at one of your meetings in the near future and offer our appreciation for the work your members did to earn them.
ShelterBox at Work
I recently received an update from ShelterBox, Rotary International’s project partner for disaster relief, on their response to Cyclone Idai in Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe. After weeks of heavy rain, floodwaters remain high. Crops that were just about to be harvested have been completely wiped out. Herds of livestock are gone. Authorities are also concerned about possible cholera outbreaks from dirty water. Truckloads of ShelterBox aid have arrived and they will be helping thousands of people in the coming weeks. Support includes emergency ShelterKits so families can repair or create shelter, as well as water filters and mosquito nets to protect themselves from diseases. ShelterBox USA has received donations of $5,570 from nine clubs in our district.
Lastly, it seems like every day I see a post about a club installing a new member! I personally have been asked to assist in quite a few. Hopefully between our more aggressive publicity and more clubs embracing the relaxed rules we can stop the downward slide in membership.
Yours in Rotary service,
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