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August, 2017
August has come and gone and one more summer is in the history books. Many clubs worked hard to complete major annual fundraisers and social events. It was a big summer for me too! Since July 1, I've completed 31 of 65 Club visits, and I must say, it's been an honor and a privilege to do so. Each and every Club has impressed me with their long list of goals and accomplishments. What a great District we have! "Making a Difference" is our year's theme, and District 7950 is most definitely doing that. I'm looking forward and eager to meeting the rest of you in the weeks ahead.
Thanks to all who attended the Paw Sox. It was so impressive to see 450 Rotarians on the field - the biggest crowd to date! After some expert coaching, I had my chance to impress you all with an opening pitch, and well...let's just say I now know how Casey at the bat feels. It was good news for Bill Tennant who will have no problem doing better next year! How's that for pressure, Bill?
Things to remember:
Don't forget to put your events on the District Calendar. Each President has received a user name and password from our District Webmaster, Chuck Sauer.
Share your Club's photos on the District website. Send them to me,, or to my Executive Assistant Paulette Boudrot,
Nomination papers for District Governor 2020-2021 will be sent to all Club Presidents next week. Pre-requisites are that the candidate should be a Past President and also a past or present Assistant Governor. I won't editorialize here, but let's just say I'm very happy I applied three years ago.
Interested in getting more involved at the District level? We are looking for two people for the District Budget and Finance Committee for a two year term 7/1/18 to 6/30/20. Contact me.
The Motorcycle Ride for Polio is Sunday, Sept 17. You don't need a motorcycle to join. Some people will be seeing us off, some will join at the end, and some will be riding interesting cars of all kinds. Check the District website for all the details.
The Hampton Inn, Westport is available for District Committee Meetings. All bookings and cancellations should go through Paulette Boudrot,
The Zone Institute is a meeting of Rotary Leadership from Zones 24 & 3 32, a four-country, two-language compilation of Rotarians in Bermuda, Canada, France and United States.
For the first time this year, ALL ROTARIANS are invited to the Friday, Oct. 20th Lunch in Harford CT, featuring RI President Ian Riseley and Sylvia Whitlock, RI's first woman Club President. Link for information and to register:
Also new this year is a portion of the institute devoted to YOUNG PROFESSIONALS. Click here for more information. Consider attending and share this information with others.
Is your club looking to participate in an International project? The Warwick club is seeking collaboration for their Clean Water & Sanitation Project in Ghana. Contact Betsy Benoit The district website has a list of other projects looking for partners: go to, under Foundation, Grant Information, Grant Partner Opportunities.
Are you looking for programs for your club meetings? The District Directory online can be downloaded to your desktop. Open and click on CTRL F for Find. Most of the District Committee Chairs are willing to speak at your club – Membership, Literacy, Grants, Foundation, Youth Services, Environmental Sustainability, Rotary Fellowships, Rotary Action Groups, etc.
Put Your Rotary Club Event On The Map!
From Zachary Whittenberger
Co-chair Communication Committee
Rotarians planning community service and fundraising events often find themselves asking the same question; how can I inform more people in the district about my event so they can attend and show support to my club? Thankfully, there are two ways for club members to announce and list events on the district website.
First, when you create your event in ClubRunner, use the checkbox to show it on the District Clubs’ Events Calendar as well.
The second step involves a custom designed calendar on the District 7950 website. All club presidents should have received an email from the District Webmaster with a username and password to access this calendar. Go to or click the District-wide Calendar link under Around the District at, then login using their specific username and password. This calendar is designed to list club events, board meetings, fundraisers, and other get-togethers that are outside of the typical weekly meetings. Please contact Chuck Sauer if you need the username and password to be reissued.
Hopefully this information is helpful and you are able to use both of these calendars to promote your event to the district!
The Rotary Foundation Gives Back to Your Club
The district grants committee has been notifying clubs for the past years that a club must donate to The Rotary Foundation (Annual Fund) in order to qualify for district grant funds. In other words, only those clubs (and/or club members) who have contributed to The Rotary Foundation, may share in the opportunity to utilize those monies for projects. Clubs and individuals can make their donations online – or donations may be made by sending a check directly to The Rotary Foundation. Some clubs send one check and attach a list of individual members and their donations – TRF will credit each member’s account accordingly. Please be sure that you meet the deadline of June 30 each year.
All clubs are strongly encouraged to support the good works that Rotary does here in our district and around the world. Our district’s grant funds are based on Annual Fund donations. The higher our donation, the more funds we have available to do good works right here in our district.
Grant Training Webinars, required for clubs to qualify for 2018-2019 grants, will be held on 2/13/2018, 3/14/2018 and 4/10/2018
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