Cape Cod Sea Island Camps
3057 Main St
Brewster, MA 02631
United States of America

RYLA 2020 will be held from May 15th - May 17th, 2020 at the Cape Cod Sea Camps in Brewster Massachusetts.

RYLA Students are selected by each participating local Rotary Club across Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts. Many Rotary clubs will use your local school's guidance department to promote RYLA to students.

Our goal is for the local schools and community organizations to present the local Rotary Clubs with many times the number of qualified candidates for selection.  Every RYLA Applicant and Alternate nominated by their clubs in the past three years were able to attend RYLA, so don't be discouraged if you are selected as a RYLA Alternate. All RYLA applications will be submitted online and processed by our RYLA Registrar, Lew Gordon.

The local Rotary Clubs will interview the nominees and choose the student(s) that will represent their club at RYLA.

In order to be eligible, students must presently be members of the current sophomore or junior class and be able to attend the entire RYLA weekend conference.

* Students must remain on the campus for entire weekend and may not drive their own cars. Late arrivals and early departures are not allowed. Transportation is provided for students living off of Cape Cod, students from the Cape must be dropped off Friday by 3 pm and be picked up after the close of ceremonies Sunday around 5pm.

The following criteria may be considered in your selection process:

    • Leadership Potential
    • Leadership Experience
    • Academic Ability 
    • Extracurricular Activities  
    • Intellectual Curiosity
    • Articulation 
    • Relationship with Peers
    • Openness to Experience
    • Diversity 

We are looking for sincere, interested, and well-rounded high school sophomores and juniors for RYLA.  Many past RYLArians have articulated how their interests and actions align to Rotary's commitment to Service.   Your assistance and cooperation is very much appreciated by everyone at RYLA.